Big Ben Does Leno, NPC Does Podcast

Let’s momentarily put aside the depressing news that Aaron Smith is indeed out for the rest of the season and turn our attention to something else.

Ben Roethlisberger appeared on the The Jay Leno Show on Tuesday night.  Which, given your opinion of Mr. Leno, might even be more depressing than the news on Smith.  Seriously, does anybody out there find Jay funny?  Anybody?  I don’t dislike the man with the fiery hatred of a thousand suns like many television bloggers do but I can’t imagine anybody enjoying the Leno Show.  “I know, we’ll have Jay talk with some dopey celebrity for 15 minutes then watch them race cars around some pylons!  SMELL THE ENTERTAINMENT!

I did enjoy Ben’s segment, though.  He seems like a regular guy, which is far preferable to GQ prettyboys like Tom Brady or Tony Romo.

Speaking of prettyboys, I also went multimedia this week.  Kevin over at hosted me on his weekly podcast where we talked about the Steelers, the Lions, and all things in between.  And if you’ve ever wondered what my sexy voice sounded like you can hear for yourself by downloading the podcast here or listening through the embedded player on his website.