Steelers vs. Rams: The defense yet again propels Pittsburgh to victory

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The Steelers defense is once again the driving force behind a victory on Sunday against the Rams.

Once again, I have to say this:  What a game!  It was a ‘nail-bitter’ to be sure, but the Steelers were able to outlast the Rams thanks to a defense that has propelled the Steelers to its fourth win in a row.  Considering the Steelers started the season 1-4, to be 5-4 is quite frankly nothing short of amazing.

We continue to talk about the exceptional play of the defense at the cost of talking about the offense; however, the reality is the offense is still trying to find its footing.  The defense has not only found its footing but is charging at full speed toward writing a story-book ending to the 2019 season.

To be fair to the offense, the Steelers would be hard-pressed to win games solely on defense as that would mean the offense tallied zero statistics. Still, until the offense finds its footing and finds ways to become more productive, the 2019 Steelers are a defensive team and are winning games on the strength of the defense.

The game against the Rams on Sunday was not a pretty one as most games this season have seemed to have unfolded, but, as I have stated in previous articles, a win is a win, ugly or otherwise.

The mark of a good team is being able to win close games; the mark of a great team is being able to win despite being somewhat one-dimensional; the mark of a playoff-caliber team is being able to win despite one unit underperforming thus putting the onus on the shoulders of the other unit.

Let’s take a look at how the Steelers were able to notch their fifth win of the season.

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