5 players who play like they belong on the Pittsburgh Steelers

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The Steelers are a team with talent on both sides of the ball, but these 5 players would look nice in the Black and Gold

Every fan, I would suspect, of every team in the NFL pegs certain players as players who would be good fits for their team.  I would suspect Steelers fans are no exception.  I know I am one of those fans who thinks certain players would look good in a Steelers uniform.

For me, it is about the style of play versus a desire to replace current Steelers with players from other teams. What I mean by that is this: Some players are Steelers ‘at heart’ because their style of play epitomizes what it is I believe it means to be a player for the Steelers.

To what style of play am I referring?  Good question.  As you may or may not know from having read some of my previous articles, I started watching football and, consequently, the Steelers in 1978.  Those teams of the 1970s embodied the ‘blue-collar’, ‘hard-nosed’ football that was ubiquitous in that era.

That is not to say that football of this generation is not ‘hard-nosed’, but it is less ‘hard-nosed’ than it was when I starting watching football. So as we progress through our discussion, keep in mind that the players on whom this particular article focuses are players who I, personally, would like to see in the Black and Gold because these five players would not only improve our team but are Steelers ‘at heart’.

Let’s get started.

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