5 longshot draft picks that could fall to the Steelers

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For the last three months, we have heard lots of names thrown out as potential draft picks for the Steelers. Some are strong possibilities; others are not.

Suffice to say, 2021 is a difficult year to ascertain who the Steelers ultimately select. They have several needs to address and could take any number of different players available. The 2021 draft, if anything else, will not resemble the 2019 draft. In 2019 Mike Tomlin wanted Devin Bush, and they made the moves to ensure they drafted him.  It is more like 2018. We knew the Steelers’ needs, yet they surprised everyone by taking Terell Edmunds. They felt the value for a player of his caliber at the 28th pick was too good to pass up.

2021 will, for all intents and purposes, play out much like that. Mike Tomlin will have his shortlist; however, a few players could fall to the 24th pick unexpectedly. If they do, it could force the Steelers to re-evaluate their pick and opt for the best athlete available, which brings the most value and improvement to the team as a whole.

Keep in mind the Steelers’ last seven first-round selections have all been defensive players. So if the right defensive player drops to number 24, we know the premium the Steelers place on selecting players who enhance that rough and tough Steel Curtain reputation.  So another defensive player is not beyond the pale.

Here is a list of five players, which albeit are unlikely selections. Either they are long shots at best, nor are they the best options that address specific team needs. Nonetheless, they have quality first-round talent, and most should be off the board when the Steelers select, yet they all have an outside shot to find themselves on the board at the Steelers selection.

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