Steelers Poised to Take over the AFC


Boo Boo Ben is gonna play. Did anyone actually think he wouldn’t? OK maybe if the Ravens had won last night there was a snowball’s chance the thought of resting him might come into play. But now we can add ‘high ankle sprain’ to the list of injuries that sideline mere mortals, but not our Ben. What still gets me is the conversations commentators are still having about this guy. Calling him “one of” the toughest guys playing today. Asking each other if he’s part of the elite club of QBs.  B.S.  Are they watching the same games we are?

Where Ben is getting pummeled and literally broken weekafter week? Are they seeing the players who are taking dives (guys who couldn’t get a job on Days of Our Lives the acting is so bad), the guys calling for flags after every hit? Ben just takes it. Gets back up and on the next play is still pumping the ball 2-3 times. Jesus he’s good at that. And all the while, through the broken noses, the broken fingers, the broken feet (geez Ben maybe you need to up your calcium) smiling about it, even laughing. Either that lack of wearing a helmet is catching up with him or better yet, he’s just one tough SOB.

We all need to enjoy today and the fact that the Steelers find themselves in this position. Primed for the top spot. I was sitting in M&T Bank Stadium on that ugly Sunday back in September. Cringing at the turnovers, the missed tackles, the way Ray Rice annihilated our defense, praying for it all to end. Quickly. Because my money was running out and there were not enough beverages in that  tadium to make it all ok. Fast forward thirteen weeks, and even though we sit at ten wins, my heart will tell you that they didn’t come easy, for the players or us fans. Watching the Chargers win convincingly last night made me yern for a fourth quarter when I could sit pretty, and relax. Hasn’t happened so much this year. But hey, I’m NOT complaining. I mean I could have been born 200 miles west, where the team plays in a place fans call ‘The Factory of Sadness’. (what good is a Steelers post without a derogatory Browns reference anyway?) We’re a team that keeps getting better, everyone seems to be stepping up their game at just the right time. Tomlin’s ‘the standard is the standard’ has been road tested and our guys are holding to it. We’ve proven that we can win with or without our key guys. Tonight will be no different.

I was at a holiday party this weekend and friend comes over to me, to wish me a happy Christmas, or so I thought. Nope. Not even one word of merriment or even a hello and out comes “I need Mendy to put up some big numbers on Monday night”. After I stopped choking on my sugar cookie, I picked up the bat phone and made a call. Brings up a pivotal point for this game. Are Mendy and Redman going to be successful tonight? Against the best team in the NFL against the run? A team that hasn’t given up a 100 yard rusher in forever? Hasn’t allowed a rushing touchdown this year? Can our patched together O line not only protect Ben, but create the seams for our running game to be effective?

The Niner’s find themselves in a pretty good position, history dictates they have a spotless record facing 10 win teams on Monday night, 3-0 to be exact. All at home. But they’ve got some issues in a
diminishing Frank Gore and Alex Smith will surely be tested against our D. The best in the League. SFO put this ad on their site today. I think it’s kind of cute they have to tell their fans what to wear. And when to be quiet.

But Tomlin is 6-0 on Monday nights. And you know the Steelers love a prime time audience. I’ve got a good feeling about this game. The stars seem to be aligning. Here. We. Go.