Back To Work: Steelers Kirby Wilson Returns From Burns


Some great news out of the South Side before the draft starts.  Steelers running backs coach Kirby Wilson is returning to work.

Wilson was severely burned in a house fire back during the first week of January.  The man was burned so badly (life threatening) that family and teammates did not know how far and the rate at which he would recover.  He missed the Wild Card game against the Broncos, and spent quite some time in the hospital after that nasty grease fire.  Kriby’s recovery was steady, and the team knew he would be returning eventually.

Well I think he’s back a bit sooner than most were expecting, but no one is complaining. reports that Wilson returned today to the South Side.  GM Kevin Colbert made the announcement and alluded that Wilson had actually been working from home for some time – looking at prospects and evaluations from home on a laptop.

It’s great to hear Wilson has recovered enough to return to work.  I’m sure his story of recovery will be somewhat inspirational to the team as they prepare for the long season ahead and play through some grueling weeks of football.  I hope coming back to work is good for his continued recovery, and I hope our backs can take advantage of having Wilson’s wisdom back on the sidelines.

Welcome back, Kirby.