Steelers Batch Up For Illustrious Award


Charlie Batch has garnered more achievements off the field as he has on. That’s why he’s up for the ‘Whizzer’ White Award. Credit: Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Steelers backup quarterback, Charlie Batch, is being recognized for his charitable work in his hometown of Homestead, PA.  Batch has been nominated for the Byron “Whizzer” White Award.  No, that’s not the ‘Wheezer’ award nor is it the ‘Geezer’ award – har har.

The “Whizzer” White Award is an award given out by the NFLPA to a player who shows exemplary efforts on the field and off the field.  It’s quite incredible when you think about it.  The other four players who are also nominated are players who are certainly higher profiled on their respective teams.  Guys like Jason Witten from the Cowboys who set franchise records on a regular basis.  The most memorable moments from good ol’ Charlie may not seem much – QB who backs up one of the elite QB’s in the league and wins games against the Steelers greatest rival for ten plus seasons.  Well at least it doesn’t seem much to your average NFL fan.  But to Steeler Nation, Charlie is beloved by all.  So I would be lying through my teeth if I didn’t admit that myself and the rest of Steeler Nation is pulling for Charlie to take home this illustrious award.

Batch started a charity called ‘Best of the Batch Foundation,’ and it in large part acts as a bridge for the youth in Homestead and the surrounding communities and the community that they live and interact in.  It’s a very successful program and is well known in the Pittsburgh area.

I’m not saying that the other four finalists don’t deserve this award.  But, a guy like Batch, with the journey he’s walked throughout his career, certainly deserves an award such as this.  Even if he doesn’t, he’s certainly a winner to all of us.