Mike Tomlin’s Empty Threats Are Hilarious


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At 0-4, the Pittsburgh Steelers are pretty much finished.  Although their season is over from a postseason perspective, Mike Tomlin apparently is threatening to get rid of players who “won’t buy in” to turning things around this fall according to Ed Bouchette of The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:

"Those who don’t ain’t going to be a part of this … whoever it may be."

Really, Mike?  They “won’t be around?”

At least to me, these empty threats by Tomlin are becoming even more hilarious to read on a weekly basis.  Last time I checked, Tomlin and his coaching staff have allowed numerous amounts of problems to fester without solving them, and the team’s performance during the last two years clearly reflects it.

I just wish you would actually do something to answer the questions below instead of making ridiculous sound bytes after each loss, Mr. Tomlin:

  • Where was this urgency and rhetoric after the season opening loss to the Tennessee Titans?
  • Why do you still trot Ryan Clark onto the field when he’s one of the worst free safeties in the league?
  • Why is Mike Adams in lineup protecting Big Ben’s blind-side?
  • Why are you not pressuring Todd Haley to let Ben Roethlisberger to run a hurry-up offensive attack?
  • Why is LaMarr Woodley on the field when he cannot collapse the pocket?
  • Where are you and your staff disciplining guys like Antonio Brown for their “bush league” antics after they make pedestrian first downs?
  • How have missed tackles and poor angles become the new normal on the defensive side of the ball? 
  • Where are you disciplining your quarterback when he displays poor ball-security? 
  • Why are you not chastising your defense for their inability to force turnovers and collapse the pocket?

Seriously, how are we the fans, and most importantly your coaching staff and players, supposed to buy into your threats when the same problems pop up on a weekly basis?  They know there has never been any sort of discipline for their recidivist actions, so why should they change?

Furthermore, I would guess that many on your team who actually do want to win football games would decline to be aboard the currently sinking “SS Tomlin” for much longer.

I certainly hate to be a “Negative Nancy” now that the team is 0-4, but I will say this right here and right now regarding the Steelers’ head coach, readers:

"Mike Tomlin is “all sizzle,” and “no steak.”  The threats he espouses are empty, and the discipline is nowhere to be found on this team.  The sooner that Pittsburgh’s brass figure this out, the better off they will be when they hire his replacement."

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