5 Steelers players hurt most by the lack of NFL preseason

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The Steelers will have to construct their roster without a preseason. Here are five players who will suffer most as a result.

The Steelers are about to have one of their most unusual training camps in team history due to the lack of a preseason and the restrictions implemented in hopes of reducing the spread of COVID-19. While the roster will likely be trimmed soon, players on the back end of the roster won’t be given the chance they normally do. While the practice squad has been expanded, it won’t completely negate the loss of the opportunity.

Every year hundreds of players compete for a coveted spot on the 53-man roster. Entering training camp as a UDFA or a futures deal player already makes the odds of earning a roster spot tough, but those spots are always earned due to impressive preseason play. With that now gone, it will be nearly impossible for the back-end of the roster players to have a shot this year.

Where would Mike Hilton be had there not been a preseason? What about Ramon Foster, or even core special teamers like Terrence Garvin and Roosevelt Nix? Had they joined the team and not had a preseason to showcase their abilities, odds are they never would have carved out a role with the Steelers. That’s what makes the lack of a preseason so disheartening, as there likely won’t be those Cinderella stories this year.

Looking at the Steelers roster this year, there is a large group of players who will be hurt by the lack of a preseason. While it may not mean they won’t find their way to the roster, they were banking on showcasing their development during training camp this year. That all said, here are the 5 Steelers hurt most by the lack of a preseason.

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