Does Antonio Brown already have a deal lined up after his suspension?

Antonio Brown #17 of the New England Patriots (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)
Antonio Brown #17 of the New England Patriots (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images) /

Antonio Brown was recently handed an eight-game suspension for violating the NFL’s personal conduct policy. Here’s why the former Pittsburgh Steelers star may already have a deal with a new team in the works.

It was yet another chaotic offseason for former Pittsburgh Steelers star wide receiver, Antonio Brown. After being cut just one game into the sesaon with the New England Patriots in 2019, Brown has been dealing with domestic disputes for the better half of a year.

Recently, Brown “retired” from the NFL, but his farewell note would only last a few days (as his love-hate relationship with the league typically goes). Now Antonio Brown is looking for a way back in.

Unfortunately, it’s going to have to come sometime after his 8-game suspension he was recently handed. There are, however, some very interesting developments from this that make me wonder if the former All-Pro receiver already has a deal in the works.

For starters, Brown did not appeal his 8-game suspension. Rather, his agent, Ed Wasielewski, accepted the NFL’s decision:

Since when does that sound like Antonio Brown? Nothing has been easy when it comes to this diva over the past two years, so his willingness to submit to the NFL and accept his punishment doesn’t sound like him at all.

Does Brown have a deal in the works?

For this reason, it really makes you wonder if Brown already has a deal in the works with an NFL team. Despite the things he’s said on social media about being done with the league, there’s no question he still wants to play, and his actions speak volumes to that.

Recently, BetOnline released odds for Antonio Brown in 2020. Not only are you able to bet on whether or not he will play a game this season, but there are also odds as to which team he could end up going to.

As of now, the Greenbay Packers are overwhelming favorites at 2/1 odds. Some of the other top contenders for the diva receiver include the Seattle Seahawks (5/2), Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3/1), and the Baltimore Ravens (2/1). In addition, five other teams are listed with longshot odds including the Eagles, Colts, Jaguars, Bears, and Bengals.

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If Brown can stay out of trouble (that’s a big ‘if’), it appears the former Pittsburgh Steelers star will get his wish and play football again this season. The fact that he was so willing to accept his 8-game suspension makes me believe that there is a suitor in the works and he knows he has a job lined up.