Steelers Head Coach Mike Tomlin back in trade rumors once again

Most should expect Mike Tomlin as coach of the Steelers until further notice, but that does not stop his name from popping up in the rumor mill.

Rumors started swirling this past week after Mike Florio made an appearance on 93.7 the fan, a local sports radio show. In that segment, he mentioned that it is possible that Mike Tomlin could be traded from the Steelers to the Carolina Panthers. Florio mentioned, “Maybe Tomlin to Carolina. I wouldn’t be surprised if that happens.”

Perhaps this was mostly conjecture on Florio’s part just to stir up some controversy on the radio. It is not the most reliable source to follow, but Florio has been able to get some sources from inside the building to talk around the NFL. This still seems like a reach when it comes to this particular story but trading away a Head Coach has happened before.

This would be a franchise altering move by both clubs and trading a Head Coach has happened before in the NFL. One of the most notable deals was when the New York Jets shipped Bill Belichick to the New England Patriots for an exchange of multiple draft picks. Rumors always come to the forefront when the season starts to come to a close, especially when your team is struggling like the Steelers are.

Could the Steelers trade Mike Tomlin to the Carolina Panthers?

Rumors happened last year around October about him potentially entertaining a college football offer, which he denied immediately. Those coaching decisions were his to make, but a trade out of Pittsburgh might not be his. Omar Khan is the new General Manager for the Steelers, and he could decide to roll with a fresh coach at the helm of the black and gold if he chooses to do so.

The connection between the Carolina Panthers and the Steelers organization is obvious. David Tepper is the owner of the Panthers, which happened after many years of him being a minority owner of Pittsburgh’s football team. Acquiring a coach of Tomlin’s reputation would come at a hefty cost when it would come to how high the asking price would be via trade.

A deal would have to consist of multiple high draft selections over the next couple of years, especially when you are dealing with a desperate club like the Panthers. Khan could hold a king’s ransom if he wanted to. His relationship with Tomlin would also play a big factor in dealing a coach at his level. By all reports, both Khan and Tomlin have handled the transition from Kevin Colbert well.

A trade out of town would shock everybody in the Steel City, no matter if you are a Tomlin supporter or hater. His track record speaks for itself, and he is the best guy for the job right now. Unless Carolina would offer too much for the Steelers to pass up, there is no way Pittsburgh is trading their Head Coach away. There are not too many good options out there that would do just as good or better of a job than Tomlin.

It would be shocking if the Steelers actually pulled off this move when the offseason rolled around. Love or hate Tomlin, he brings stability to a franchise in a league that tends to do the exact opposite.