3 OC candidates who could salvage Mike Tomlin's reputation with fans

Steelers fans are fed up with the same old, same old.

Pittsburgh Steelers, Mike Tomlin
Pittsburgh Steelers, Mike Tomlin / Andy Lyons/GettyImages
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2. Kellen Moore, Offensive Coordinator, Los Angeles Chargers

This feels incredibly dirty, but stick with me, here.

Fans have a horrible taste in their mouths in regards to anything related to the Los Angeles Chargers, right now, after their disgusting Thursday Night Football loss this past week. Yes, the Chargers lost 63-21 to the Raiders and it was a hideous excuse for a football game on Los Angeles' side.

Offensive coordinator Kellen Moore has had a tough time in L.A., though. He very well could get let go as the team brings in a whole new staff, and that could work to the Steelers' benefit. Moore came from Dallas, where he and Dak Prescott finished as the no. 1 offense in football in 2021 and no. 4 in scoring in 2022.

Moore was looked at as a potential head coach candidate not too long ago, before L.A. put a damper on those hopes. But, neither Moore nor Justin Herbert deserve a lick of blame for the Chargers' struggles.

Herbert has dealt with being banged up. His offensive weapons have been injured all over the place, with Mike Williams out for the year, Joshua Palmer missing a bunch of time, and Austin Ekeler not being right all season long. The Chargers have been a mess because of Brandon Staley, period.

Moore is a bright, offensive mind who would bring a fresh approach to Pittsburgh.