Colclough to Cleveland


by John Cihon

Okay, it’s a little late for this, but the scariest costume any Pittsburgher could have worn this Halloween would have been a Cleveland Browns uniform with the number seven on it and ‘Roethlisberger’ on the back. After all, his contract is coming up soon. Rest assured though, he’s already said he wants to spend his entire career in Pittsburgh.

However, one former Pittsburgh Steeler who’s now wearing brown and orange is Ricardo Colclough, who was finally cut by the Steelers on October thirtieth, and picked up by Cleveland less than twenty-four hours later. Although Colclough came to Pittsburgh as a second round draft pick with an impressive college career in 2004, he’s largely been a disappointment for the Steelers.

So what can we take from his quick acquisition by the Browns? Although the Browns are certainly resurgent this year, their defense still remains a weak spot, while the Steelers have consistently displayed one of the top defenses in the NFL. Is the Browns defense so bad that a Steelers castoff is a valuable acquisition? Maybe. Or did the Browns pick him up because they’re starting to think they have a good team (which I’m actually starting to believe myself), and they believe they can pick Colcough’s brain for the information they need to beat Pittsburgh? (Don’t worry, that won’t work). If the second is the case, Colclough is going to be stealing a paycheck from yet another team, because despite some recent tweaks to the defense, there’s really no secret to what they do and all their secrets are there for the taking if you watch the games.

We’ll know for sure if the Browns cut Colclough shortly after Sunday’s game.