Steelers 2008 NFL Draft, Day 2


Day Two of the NFL Draft. Sorry, no awesome Kiperrific sound bite clips today as I had to watch the Pens lay some smack down on the Rangers and my computer doesn’t have enough memory to save the entire draft with my capture card.

3rd Round:

Bruce Davis LB UCLA

Height: 6-25/8
Weight: 252

Pros: Good athlete with decent speed (4.78 sec in the 40). Outstanding quickness off the blocks and is a great closer. Scary as an edge rusher. Very active with a motor that does not stop. Rangy player who will make plays in pursuit. Has played both DE and OLB so can play from either up or down position. Very much in the mold of James Harrison, except he hasn’t backhanded any women (yet).

Cons: Like Harrison, considered to be undersized. Also a liability against the run as he struggles to hold his ground or get a push when being run blocked. One reason he fell is his strength measured well below average. Considered a one trick pony as a pass rush specialist who only dominates against weak opponents.

4th Round:

Tony Hills OT Texas

Height: 6-51/8
Weight: 309

Pros: Huge man with ginormous frame and long arms. Considered a terrific athlete as he ran the 40 is 5.3 sec flat. Nifty feet with good balance and agility. Outstanding as a pass blocker. Is mobile and when put in space, is very good at lead blocking. Could possibly play guard. Thought to have quite a bit of upside potential.

Cons: Suffered a catastrophic knee injury in high school that required almost total reconstruction.  Obviously that was a while ago but still raises concerns over long term durability. Combine was disappointing as he didn’t measure very strong and doesn’t play with a lot of power. Seems to lack the killer instinct all top notch OL have. Isn’t stout at the point of attack and doesn’t get a great push so needs work on his run blocking. Plays too upright at times and his technique is a bit rough. Considered an underachiever in college whom the Steelers are no doubt hoping will eventually play up to his potential.

5th Round:

Dennis Dixon QB Oregon

Height: 6-31/4
Weight: 195

Pros: Outstanding athleticism. Played minor league baseball for the Atlanta Braves. Is probably one of the best pure athletes in the entire draft. Reminded many scouts of another Vince Young, which I guess belongs in the Pros but I leave that up to you. Mobile in the pocket and makes plays with his feet. Decent height with the body to put on some weight. Decent arm strength but a quick release who throws extremely well on the move. Was having an awesome Senior year where he was widely considered the front-runner for the Heisman Trophy when a torn ACL ended his season. The Steelers love converting this type of mobile QB into a WR and that is very likely the plan with Dixon. If it works out, could potentially be their best pick this year.

Cons: Health and durability are obviously a concern. Claims to have his ACL completely rehabbed but that’s a major injury which sometimes needs 2 years to fully heal. Needs to bulk up and add some weight if he wants to survive in the NFL. Didn’t play a pro style offense with the Ducks so there will be a learning curve if they expect him to compete for a backup QB position. Much like another #10 for the Steelers, he has poor mechanics, erratic accuracy, and questionable decision-making skills as a QB. As a WR, will have to learn route-running and technique basically from scratch. Also timed at 4.6 sec in the 40 which is good for a QB but not particularly fast for a wide out (although to be fair, he ran it in 4.46 sec prior to the injury).

6th Round:

Mike Humpal LB Iowa

Height: 6-21/2
Weight: 244

Pros: Good size with a non-stop motor. A real ball-hawk as he’s always where the action is. Sure handed tackler. Plays stronger than his size in shedding blocks while remaining stout at the point of attack. Chad Brown-like in demeanor and playing style.

Cons: Not a great athlete. All his measurables, especially timed speed and quickness, are considered below average. Doesn’t have the best footwork so can be twisted around making him a liability in pass coverage. Will probably be a special teamer and a career backup as he’s a solid worker but doesn’t have much upside potential.

6th Round:

Ryan Mundy S West Virginia

Height: 6-1
Weight: 205

Pros: Adequate size and weight for a safety. Sure tackler. Not afraid of delivering the big hit. A true playmaker with good hands and will make the pick if given the chance. Very active with a non-stop motor. Despite attending WVU, Mundy is a smart player who is seldom fooled or out of position. Will contribute to the special teams immediately and will probably push Tyrone Carter and Anthony Smith for the backup S position a couple seasons from now. Born and raised in Pittsburgh (Woodland Hills).

Cons: Does not have great timed speed and lacks a burst. If beaten, not fast enough to recover. Also isn’t strong enough to cover tight ends or jostle for position with bigger wide receivers. Does not have great measurables but could be a solid backup while also contributing on special teams.