Rashard Mendenhall Got Jacked


Pittsburgh Steelers first round draft pick Rashard Mendenhall was robbed at gunpoint while walking through the South Side lakefront of Chicago on Monday.

The police currently have no leads. Rumors that several members of the Cincinnati Bengals were seen in the area are thus far unsubstantiated.

Speaking of the Bungles, their wonderful Public Relations Department has seen fit to initiate a lawsuit against fellow Fan-Sided blogger David Howard over alleged improper use of photographs and insignia.

I can’t say I’m surprised. When I think of organizations which stress honesty and integrity, the Cincinnati Bengals are surely the first who leap to mind.

Hines Ward says he welcomes the addition of second round draft choice Limas Sweed. Of course, the first time Big Ben throws to Sweed in the red zone, Hines will wipe the tears from his eyes just long enough to start plotting ways to drop horse laxatives into his protein shakes like a lover/receiver scorned.

Marvel Smith says his back is fixed and he’s ready to play. This is encouraging news as a healthy Smith could provide a solid anchor at left tackle. Of course, this also means Max Starks will compete for the right tackle position against Willie Colon, who beat him out last year.

Yep folks, the Steelers might be paying a guy $7 million next year to ride the pine. That’s almost Matt Morris-level idiocy. Almost.

Ryan Clark says his guts are fixed and he’s ready to play. Spleen? He don’t need no stinkin’ spleen. He is a tad upset with the Steelers medical staff for basically thinking he was being a sissy nancy boy during his convalescence.

If Clark can return to form, that would also be excellent news for the Steelers. As we learned last year, the drop off from him to his backups is quite steep. Tyrone Carter lacks the athleticism to be a starting safety and Anthony Smith has never seen a play fake he didn’t bite on. I have hope for rookie Ryan Mundy making the team and developing into a solid backup but any chance he sees substantial playing time next year would likely be only in a disaster scenario.