Pittsburgh Has Fine Lookin’ Women


The Pittsburgh Steelers are one of only three NFL teams to not have cheerleaders shaking their pom-poms on the sidelines.  I like that.  Not because I don’t enjoy seeing shapely lasses in short skirts but because of what it represents.  We don’t need anybody to lead our cheers.  We have enough reasons to cheer on our own.

However, a thought occurred to me last week when NBC chose to zoom in on the San Diego Charger Girls silicone-enhanced bustlines every time a SD player so much as downed a punt.  I said to myself, “Damn, they got some fine lookin’ women out there in Cali.”  Which momentarily made me sad because we have fine lookin’ women here in the ‘Burgh.   However, with the absence of cheerleaders, the rest of the country is probably blissfully unaware of our Polish uber-vixens.

When work resumed this week, I of course resumed spending most of my day fooling around on the ‘net.   There I found the Post-Gazette started a page for Steeler Fan photos. Now, most of the people look decent enough and most of the little children have normally shaped heads so I’m not complaining.  But where are the hotties?

I know there has to be some One Percenters out there.  Not every attractive woman in Pittsburgh exclusively follows the Penguins.  A few puck bunnies must cross over to the good ‘ol pigskin.  Besides, the Pens totally blow this year so why waste your time?   Especially since the team hearthtrob, that dreamy Jordan Staal, will likely be packing his bags for another city in the near future.

You know what I’d like to see?  Somebody taking a cue from another team without cheerleaders, the Green Bay Packers.  They got massive publicity last year when three attractive young ladies attended key Packer games at the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field in bikini tops.   (Actually, they wore jackets but took them off occasionally)  Not only is that a brilliant idea which got them an offer from FHM but it also showed a ton of team spirit.

Why doesn’t somebody in Pittsburgh do this?  I’m tired of this:

or *shudder* this:

being the only images associated with Steeler fans.  Aren’t you?

So if you’re going to the game or have a friend going to the game and they have a reasonably attractive wife or daughter or girlfriend who has another reasonably attractive relative or girlfriend, tell them to break out their bathing suits, magic markers, and bottles of glitter.  Do it for the team, do it for the city of Pittsburgh, and do it for Steeler Nation.

I’ll even give you a name:  Ben’s Bikini Girls.