Bill Cowher Goes To Iraq, Finds Inner Yinzer


How are you spending your Fourth of July?

Former Steelers head coach Bill Cowher is visiting Iraq with three other current and former NFL head coaches. I have to give the Chin credit, he’s a braver man than I. I’m sure the security surrounding guest celebrities is ultra-tight but it’s still a war zone. Not to mention if they were to come under sniper fire, Cowher’s blindingly white teeth would reveal his position immediately.

While over in Iraq, the honor and loyalty of our troops has evidently rubbed off on Benedict Bill. The whistle-cranker was so moved by the sea of Terrible Towels which greeted him at every stop that he declared Iraq officially a part of Steeler Nation.

While I agree with the sentiment, Carolina Cowher evidently forget he no longer represents Steeler Nation. He forfeited that right when he sided against the Pittsburgh Penguins during the Stanley Cup playoffs. But I’ll put aside my petty grievances for today, it being a holiday and all. Happy Independence Day to everyone and especially to all my readers in the military. I hope this blog provides you with a little entertainment and a little piece of home while you’re stationed overseas.  We appreciate all you do to serve and protect our cowardly asses back home.

Now let’s all celebrate like true yinzers and shoot off a truckload of fireworks.