That's Andrea McNulty, the alleged victi..."/>

That's Andrea McNulty, the alleged victi..."/>

Roethlisberger Assault Case Keeps Getting Weirder


That’s Andrea McNulty, the alleged victim of a sexual assault by Ben Roethlisberger last July. I know what you’re probably thinking. A cowboy hat? Really?

Questionable fashion sense aside, the case against the Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback gets more and more strange by the day. In the past 48 hours, information has finally emerged which sheds some light on the case against Ben.

The Post-Gazette gives a good accounting of the facts as we currently know them. It also bears mentioning that the Sheriff’s Office in Reno is not currently conducting a criminal investigation and will not do so unless a formal complaint is filed by McNulty. Her ambulance chaser lying weasel attorney is reportedly surprised by the media interest this lawsuit has created. Because I’m sure he took a rape case against a high-profile multimillionaire superstar athlete because he prefers to fly under the radar. I hate lawyers.

As far as the case goes, one question I had in my previous post has been answered. Evidently, the eight other defendants are co-workers and bosses at Harrah’s, where McNulty worked and was allegedly assaulted. She’s evidently claiming some vast conspiracy whereby the president of Harrah’s set her up to be assaulted and then the director of security thought it was great.

Maybe I’m missing something but your boss saying “Make sure Ben has a good time” doesn’t exactly translate into “Allow him to rape you.” And I can believe the security guy said, “most girls would feel lucky to get to have sex with someone like Ben Roethlisberger” although that statement could easily be taken out of context.

The thing I’m having the most trouble with is this idea her weasel lawyer floated that “reporting an assault to hotel security is the same as reporting it to the police.” So hotels in Nevada can put you on trial? They can sentence you to jail? If so, I’ll be sure to commit some petty larceny next time I stay at the Vegas Hard Rock. I wouldn’t mind being locked up there for a month or so.

Then there are the damages. McNulty is suing for $380,000 for lost wages and medical bills, primarily due to her having mental issues following the incident. However, there is a report that her coworkers say she had a mental breakdown over a DIFFERENT incident. Evidently, she had an affair with a married military man and his wife found out. So she created a fake online persona and contacted McNulty to find out about the affair. Well, McNulty fell in love with the fake person and when she found out they were fake, she went batshit nuts. Wasn’t this a plot on Days Of Our Lives?

The Fake Online Lover story was reported by TMZ. If you’re unfamiliar with TMZ, that’s the kind of site which thinks upskirt pictures of Britney’s bald cooch constitute “news.” So take what you read there with a grain of salt. Although tabloid reporting sometimes is useful because they’re willing to dig up the dirt legitimate journalists often don’t dare.  And those same journalists are often happy to report it after the fact.

Regardless, the case against Roethlisberger is filled with inconsistencies and perplexing questions. And we haven’t even touched on what the Commissioner might do as Herr Goodell continues his never-ending quest to keep the NFL clean and pure. I’ll continue to update this story as new facts emerge. In the meantime, we’re two weeks from training camp and our nice quiet offseason looks to be a distant memory.