Ben Roethlisberger Did Have Sex With That Woman


Yes, that woman there. She’s his type. Deal with it, people.

New information has finally come to light concerning the sexual assault claim filed against Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger. Although it’s still too soon to make any definitive judgments, it’s beginning to look more and more like the rape accusation made by Andrea McNulty is actually a case of romance gone sour. Man, it makes me squirm just typing that.

An affidavit filed in Nevada court by a former co-worker of McNulty’s may provide the clearest picture yet of what happened in Ben’s hotel room back in July 2008. Granted, this is just one affidavit but it seems to corroborate some of the previous speculation about this case. For example, the co-worker endorses the idea that McNulty’s mental breakdown occurred over her failed online relationship with a woman who pretended to be a man. The co-worker also lends credence to the idea the suit is a shameless money grab as she says McNulty told her during a lunch that she hired a lawyer and was going to make “big news.”

Perhaps most disturbing is the way the co-worker portrays McNulty’s attitude after sleeping with Ben. She basically calls her a stalker, citing a plan to fly to Pittsburgh so she could “accidentally” bump into Ben and resume the relationship. I guess she’s unfamiliar with the terms “booty call,” “one night stand,” or “trick ass hootchie.” Then there is this gem where McNulty allegedly “expressed she was hoping for a ‘little Roethlisberger.’ ” Needless to say, Big Ben is extremely lucky his Little Roethlisberger fired blanks that night.

Again, it is still too early in the proceedings to declare the case open and shut. But the idea McNulty boasted about sleeping with Ben while concocting a fantasy whereby she’s the next Deanna Favre is a whole lot more believable than most of what we’ve heard from her side. They always say hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Hopefully next time Ben has a desire for some soccer mom Cowgirl lovin’, he does the smart thing and picks them up in the baby food aisle at Walmart like everybody else.