Tuesday was a busy day for Pittsburgh Steelers

Tuesday was a busy day for Pittsburgh Steelers

Tuesday was a busy day for Pittsburgh Steelers

Roethlisberger Accuser Likes Horseback Riding, Fishing, & Rich NFL Quarterbacks


Tuesday was a busy day for Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger. He took on the NBA’s Shaquille O’Neal in a football challenge for the new show Shaq vs. A few hours later, his lawyers released a salvo of emails pertaining to the ongoing civil lawsuit against him.  Andrea McNulty has some ‘splainin’ to do.

The woman who has accused Ben of raping her in a Reno hotel room in July 2008 seemingly suffered no ill effects from the traumatic event.  She fired off a number of text and email messages in the days immediately after the alleged assault, then spoke highly of Ben for months afterward.  All that’s missing is a Twitter update recounting Ben’s post-coital snack of choice (My money’s on ham n’ cheese Hot Pocket).  Read her messages for yourself and draw your own conclusions.

I won’t belabor the article by repeating it here. I think the evidence speaks for itself in this case. I will say that I found two of her emails particularly disturbing. The first being her telling her fictional online boyfriend that, “Ben said he would take me to this place he has in Wyoming and they horseback into this fishing hole and camp.

At least now we know the cowboy hat isn’t just for show. Did Ben really invite her up to his fishing hole?  What kind of pick up line is that?  Or do you think she just made that up to get her Fake Boyfriend jealous?  I can never figure out how the devious female mind works.  And hasn’t she ever heard you’re supposed to save a horse and ride a cowboy? Where’s PETA on this? Probably over in Philly, protesting Michael Vick while trying to duck the rocks thrown by the mouth-breathers who follow that team.

The second disturbing thing was this email, written about 20 hours after her alleged rape. “I am really excited because we are all going to see Journey tonight and that will be sooooo much fun. Speaking of which, I need to head over to a dinner with [Mr. Roethlisberger] and a few others before heading out. I will be back and working until at least 3am again.”

She likes Journey? I love Journey. I’ve seen them in concert four times because Journey is awesome. I cannot tell you how profoundly disturbing it is to know some petty money-grubbing nutjob and I both have a weakness for 70’s power ballads.  If I find out she has Death Cab on her IPod, I’ll officially give up music forever.