Last week, Mike over at Bear Goggles On&l..."/>

Last week, Mike over at
Bear Goggles On&l..."/>

Know Thy Enemy: Bengals Q&A


Last week, Mike over at Bear Goggles On answered some of our questions about his team.  Since his words seemed tragically prophetic (I’m looking at you, Johnny Knox), I thought we’d go behind enemy lines once again to take a look at this week’s opponent, the Cincinnati Bengals.

Mickey over at WhoDeyFans agreed to answer some questions about this year’s squad.  Let’s take a look at his answers…

Has Carson Palmer rebounded from his injury plagued 2008?

As far as the injury, I think he is physically 100%. However, after having a whole season off, and then an ankle injury in the preseason, he needs to get back into game playing mode with his receivers. Palmer has made some great throws this season and some bad ones. I think as the season progresses he will get tighter and in better timing with the wide outs. He is not a major concern going into this game.

How are the thugs criminals reclamation projects (Cedric Benson, Chris Henry, Tank Johnson) on your team working out?

Cedric Benson seems to be the workhorse running back the Bengals need. His punishing running style also seems to fit in well in the AFC North. He looks to hit whoever is in his way, he had a great hit last weekend on a safety that got him an extra yard. Last season he blasted some guy with long hair in the Pitt secondary and knocked him silly. We at WhoDeyFans are big supporters of Chris Henry. While we don’t condone illegal activity, when the guy plays he is awesome. In 2006 when he faced the Steelers as the number 3 wideout he had something like 196yds and 3 td’s in two games. He has scored in every game but one this season (including preseason). Tank adds something else the Bengals have needed for a long time, defensive line depth. Just the ability to rotate guys in and out makes the defensive line stronger.

The Bengals lost in week 1 on a miracle last second play by, um, I forget what receiver ended up catching the ball…

Oh, that’s right, Stokley.   Anyway, was your reaction to the crazy turn of events anywhere near as vociferous as Gus Johnson’s?

Well, I was at the game and it sucked. My initial reaction is the same as my thoughts now. You are not going to win many NFL games when you don’t score until less than a minute remains. The Bengals defense kept the game winnable and the offense laid an egg. Last week against Green Bay the offense showed up and gave the Bengals fans some hope.

Carson Palmer’s unfortunate problems with injuries, that fluky last second loss, even your 2009 first round draft pick broke his foot after only one day of practice.  Why do these things always seem to happen to the Bengals?

Palmer never really had a problem with injuries until the one last season. Granted, he was injured in the playoff loss to Pitt in 2005 but I think that was a fluke play that would have had anyone out. He recovered and missed no time the next season. That being said, I don’t think the Bengals have any worse luck than any other NFL team. The Patriots last year lost Brady right off the bat and still managed to go 11 and 5. The major difference between the Bengals and these other teams starts at the top. The Bengals are terrible at scouting and finding players to fit the system. If ownership doesn’t realize this and make a change, any small misfortune will lead to major disappointment for Bengal fans.

Prediction (and no, you’re not eligible to win the $100 gift certificate from Dick’s Sporting Goods):

Ben has never lost in Ohio. The Steelers own the Bengals especially in Paul Brown, however, I think that all changes this week. In the past the Bengals have beat the Steelers with an explosive offense only. This year the Bengals boast a defense that is better than the offense. The Bengals should be able to handle the Steelers offense a little better than the past and the offense can put up around 21 – 24 points on anyone. Bengals win 27 – 24.