And Breathe… Big Ben Will Play


Steeler Nation can collectively exhale.

Mike Tomlin, in his weekly Tuesday press conference, announced quarterback Ben Roethlisberger will be a go this Sunday against the Ravens. Apparently, Ben suffered only a “mild” concussion last Sunday in the soul-crushing loss against the Chiefs. In my book, there isn’t anything mild about getting your brain slammed up against your skull but then again a hangnail causes me indescribable suffering. Tomlin claims that Ben is showing no lingering affects from the Shining Wizard to the noggin and will practice normally this week.

In other QB news, if you read my update yesterday, you’ll recall I was a bit confused as to why the Steelers didn’t place Charlie Batch on IR. Once a player is IR’d, he’s gone for the season.  Now comes word they expect him back since the injury isn’t as serious as originally reported. He’s still scheduled for surgery, more specifically having a metal plate inserted in to his wrist, but is only expected to miss 2-4 weeks. I recall hearing the QB for the University of Cincinnati recently had a similar surgery done and he returned a few weeks later showing very few ill effects so I guess that operation isn’t nearly as gruesome as it sounds.

In the meantime, the rest of my post still holds.  Second year man Dennis Dixon moves into the primary backup spot until Batch’s return.  Pittsburgh boy Tyler Palko will be signed to the practice squad as soon as he can secure his release from the storied Montreal Alouettes of  the Canadian Football League.   Keep in mind, however, the team is only going to be carrying two QBs (Ben and Dix) on the main roster which means should absolute carnage knock both of them out of a game, Hines Ward would serve as our third string/emergency quarterback.