It is officially the worst off-..."/>

It is officially the worst off-..."/>

Santonio Holmes Enjoys Assaulting Women, Too


It is officially the worst off-season ever for a fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Earlier today, a lawsuit was filed by a woman in Orlando who claims that Super Bowl XLIII MVP Santonio Holmes assaulted her at a nightclub earlier in the month.  Stop me if any of this sounds familiar.  She alleges that her and her college-age friends where hanging with him in the VIP section of the Rain nightclub when a stupid argument between her and ‘Tone ended with him throwing a glass at her face.   Not the booze in the glass, mind you, THE ENTIRE GLASS.

What an idiot.   Everybody knows you take your groupies back to the private VIP bathroom before you assault them.   Has your fearless leader taught you nothing?

Yes, much like our douchebag quarterback, Ben Roethlisberger, Holmes has a long history of being a troublemaking asshole.  He has three kids from two different mothers, neither to whom he’s married.  One of the baby mamas called the cops after he choked her, slapped her, and then threw her around.   She dropped those charges most likely when Mr. Green (aka cash money) found his way into her bank account.  On the plus side, he’s also been arrested for drug possession and disorderly conduct three separate times so not all his offenses are violent.

I already know what some of the comments are going to say.  “Ack!  Another lying ho looking for money!” or something along similarly misogynistic lines.  I guess she may be lying.  Although it seems a little odd to me that of thirty-two NFL teams and all their active players, most of whom are rich and famous, why is it that the same two Steelers keep getting accused of doing things they shouldn’t be doing?

Right now, I’m absolutely embarrassed to be a Steeler fan.  And anybody who lives in Pittsburgh, grew up in Pittsburgh, or has the faintest inkling of what it means to be a true Steeler fan has to feel just as sick as I do.  Over the next month or two we’re going to see exactly what kind of people Dan Rooney and his son Art II truly are.

Dan Rooney is the Ambassador to Ireland largely because he built up a reputation of being a man of strong character who runs his organization in a responsible and classy fashion. There’s a reason he has a sterling reputation while guys like Jerry Jones or Al Davis are laughingstocks. But this team has quickly become the joke of the NFL, full of criminals and idiots that reflect directly on him, his family, and his city of birth.

Time to start earning your reputation, Dan.  The time for sitting on your hands and turning a blind eye to these goofs on your team is over.  Start getting things under control or everything the Rooney name has stood for since the late great Art Rooney was in charge will be lost forever.  As a proud Pittsburgher, I can’t tell you how tragic that would be.