Wild Card Review: Good News/Bad News For Steelers


Good News:  Only three teams remain standing between the Pittsburgh Steelers and a date with destiny in Dallas.

Bad News:  All three of them beat the Steelers during the regular season.

Good News:  First up are the Baltimore Ravens, who destroyed the pitiful Kansas City Chiefs while the Black and Gold sat back and relaxed.

Bad News:  Ravens-Steelers games are the football equivalent of an electrified barb wire cage match of death.  This basically negates having a bye since the brutality on display is equal to two full games worth of punishment.

Good News:  The Steelers own the Ravens.  As long as Ben Roethlisberger is behind center.

Bad News:  The New England Patriots will steamroll the overrated New York Jets.  And the Patriots own the Steelers.

Wild Card weekend shook out pretty much as I expected.  The dog-raping scumbag hero of Philadelphia mutants was exposed as a poor man’s Kordell Stewart by Dom Capers.  Peyton Manning choked again.  Although this time he had a lot of help from that finger puppet he calls a head coach.  And Seattle.  If I only had a little more confidence in myself, I would’ve been a bestselling author, taken Suzanne Soares to prom, and made a bundle this weekend by betting on the Seahags.  Told ya the Saints weren’t all ‘dat.

Enough about the wanna bes and also rans.  Steelers, Ravens, Patriots, and Jets.  The prelims are officially out of the way.  Bring on the main event.