Terrell Suggs Won’t Shut Up


The classy individual pictured above is linebacker Terrell Suggs.  T-Sizzle has been running his mouth, as usual, nonstop since a date for the rubber match between the Baltimore Ravens and Pittsburgh Steelers was set.  He recently appeared on ESPN’s First Take program where he told sexy co-host Dana Jacobson, “This is Armageddon.”  He would later refer to the third chapter in the best rivalry in all of sports as “World War III.”

I will give credit where it’s due, Suggs is a helluva player.  He was a one-man wrecking crew for the Ratbirds in our previous meeting.  He’s the total opposite of washed up Ray Lewis, who still brags and swaggers like he’s twenty-five years old then goes out and does his best impression of the Invisible Man.  And I will agree with one thing he said:  the winner will go to the Super Bowl.

And can you really blame Sizzler for being a little bitter?  I hate the Patriots primarily because they always beat us.  Naturally, the Ravens have to be a little peeved about the fact they always get owned by the Steelers.  The Ravens have always been the little sisters of the poor compared to the vast riches enjoyed by the most successful franchise in NFL history.

Lame t-shirt, though.  I’m surprised he found one under 2XL considering the rampant obesity in Baltimore.  They have to import those cheerleaders from out of state because I’ve never seen a female from Charm City tip a scale under a buck fifty.  So in the spirit of reciprocation, here are a few t-shirts I find much more attractive.

And of course, my personal favorite: