I’m Honored


The Steelers are the best franchise in sports, and their fans are the best in all of fandom. I sincerely believe that, and it’s the reason why I feel so honored that I have been asked to be a part of my favorite Steelers blog, Nice Pick, Cowher. Big thanks to Craig and all the people at FanSided for getting me going on here.

A little bit about me…

I currently hail from a city where the season is over one week, and their team is heading to the Super Bowl the next. A team that was so desperate for a QB that they hired their arch nemesis to take the reigns. For twenty years they hated him with a passion, but the owners knew their fans would turn on a dime. He’s a QB who may use the text function on his phone a bit too liberally. Yes, you guessed it…I’m in Minnesota.

Everything that the Steelers are, the Vikings are not. Everything Steelers fans are, Vikings fans are not. You know how I know Steelers fans are the greatest? I get to see how Vikings fans react to a loss. I get to watch my friends enter into a downward spiral after game one that has them begging for baseball season by game three.

I’m still young, but I’ve lived through some rough seasons. With this group, it has always been tough the year after the Super Bowl. Whether it’s because Big Ben crashes his motorcycle in to oncoming traffic, or in to a chick at a golf tournament in Tahoe, things always seem to tank after winning the Big One. Needless to say, the level of passion that I see from Steelers fans during seasons like these seems to increase with every loss. Yes, we may be disgusted. Yes, we may shout “Fire Bruce Arians!” But we would never talk about moving our team to LA. Never.

But this is supposed to be about me.

I was born in MN, but I bleed Black and Gold. My parents were born and raised in Pittsburgh on the North Side. From my mom walking the hills to the park where my dad played ball, to my dad racing his 57 Chevy on Ohio River Blvd., my parents are pure Pittsburgh. They married and lived happily until my pop passed away on Super Bowl Sunday, February 1st, 2009. Yes, the same day the Steelers beat the Cardinals in the greatest Super Bowl played to date. He told me how they were pinching themselves when the Steelers started winning early in the Noll era. They raised me to love our boys in Black and Gold, and that’s all I’ve ever known.

There’s other stuff about me but frankly, it doesn’t matter. All you need to know is that I love this organization, I love football, and I will do my absolute best to give you quality commentary on our boys week in and week out.

My regular posts will be on Wednesday and Friday every week. The topics for now will vary greatly depending on the news on the CBA, the draft, and off season happenings with the players (including Hines’ Dancing With the Stars appearances). Once the season starts, I am sure we will fall in to some sort of regular groove as a unit.

In short, I’m honored to be here, and I’m excited for what is to come.