Hello, Steelers Nation!


First, I would like to thank Craig for the excellent opportunity he has given me to write about the team I care so much about. Thank you, sir.

As the saying goes, I was not born in Pittsburgh, but I got there as soon as I could. I was raised in Butler, just north of the ‘Burgh. When someone asks me where I’m from, I automatically say, “Just outside of Pittsburgh.”

Being a child of the ‘70s, I remember well and fondly the mighty Steelers teams of that era. I remember in my child’s mind thinking that we might win four out of every six championships played for the rest of my life, and that thought offset the horror of my mother making me disco dance with her. I instinctively knew disco would fade in popularity, but the Steelers would always win.

I currently live in Huntsville, AL, having recently escaped the misery of living near Baltimore, MD.

Believe you me, it is not fun to live in your most reviled opponent’s backyard. Ravens fans like to think they are the best fans in the game, to which I would normally reply, “If Baltimore is such a great football city, why did the Colts leave?” Rare was the occasion they had a response for that.

The time from when the Ravens defense won them a Super Bowl in 2000 until the Steelers won Super Bowl XL was almost intolerable. Ravens fans would constantly throw it our faces that it had been more than twenty years since our last victory in the big game. Thank you, Steelers, for taking care of business and silencing the throngs of misguided people in Baltimore.

In my articles during the offseason, I’m hoping to share a little of the background of the Steelers, looking back into history and tying moves made then to moves being made now. As George Santayana said, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” If there is any repeating of history going on, I’m hoping it will be a man named Rooney hoisting the Lombardi trophy every February.

I also want to look ahead to the upcoming year’s opponents and see how the Steelers have fared against them in the past. During the season, I want to look into the numbers of each game and point out things that may not be apparent while you were watching on Sunday, things that may have turned the game had they gone according to, or against, what the numbers say should have happened.

I’m also going to preview upcoming games, again with an eye toward the numbers. I want try to see where the Steelers opportunities are, as well as things they need to be mindful of.

Of course, I will comment throughout the year on developments with the Steelers and the NFL in general, but I will leave the “reporting” to the reporters. You can open up a website and find out what happened anywhere. I want to share my take on things as they affect the Steelers and their legions of devoted, faithful fans.

As my readers, I invite you to share your comments with me. I welcome discussion, and I will be the first to admit when I have made a mistake. Keep me on my toes, and I promise you will get the best I have every week.

Just like the Steelers.