Glad to be on board


As a senior majoring in sports journalism at Penn State, I am constantly faced with the increasingly apparent reality that finding an entry level reporting job will be more difficult than I would like. So when I was presented with an opportunity to write about the team I love so much, I jumped at the offer.
I was born and raised in Pittsburgh, and as most Pittsburghers agree, I couldn’t picture myself living anywhere else. Throughout my four years living in State College, Pa I have seen the jealousy (I mean) competitiveness fans from other areas of the country share toward Steelers nation.
I would consider the Steelers to be the third most beloved team among Penn State students behind the Philadelphia Eagles, and a combination of the Jets and Giants from New York. Yet aside from the Giants miraculous Super Bowl upset over the Patriots in 2008, and a Phillies World Series in that same year, Pittsburgh sports have swept the board as far as winning goes, and trust me I’m not shy in sharing that sentiment with my peers.
But my brashness for Pittsburgh sports has landed me in far too many heated exchanges in my time at Happy Valley, and finally I have a forum to speak my mind where I will be embraced instead of ostracized.
With that being said, I want to arouse thought within my readers over the coming months. It is my hope that my posts to this site will spark debate, and allow my readers to view their favorite team in a way they may not have in the past. As a long time follower of NPC myself, I trust this site to be a forum where only truly educated Steeler fans come to get the latest Steeler’s happenings.
In the coming weeks, although most NFL talk is bogged down with the lock out, I would like to analyze my favorite part of the NFL offseason, the draft. We will take an in depth look at who the Steelers could, and should be pursuing in an effort to get back to the Super Bowl next season….if there is one.
During the season, I will cover all aspects of the team, with hopes of sparking interesting debate. It is my hope that my love and knowledge of our favorite team will make reading about the Steelers that much more enjoyable for everyone.
As I said before, one thing I am looking forward to with this blogging format is interacting with my readers. After each of my posts, feel free to either tell me you thought what I had to say was literary genius, or that you couldn’t disagree with me more. What fun would writing about sports be, if no one debated what you had to say?
I am overjoyed to be part of the NPC team, and I hope Steelers nation will enjoy reading what I have to say!