Mike Pouncey all a Twitter


Get used to it NPC readers.  Until that this guy is the 31st pick or (to my chagrin) sooner, I’m riding this Pouncey train all the way to Radio City Music Hall.  Florida guard and my Steelers draft prospect favorite, Mike Pouncey, posted earlier on Twitter that he was headed back to the ‘Burgh.  But is he returning with a heavy heart?

Here is the post:

"Headed back to pittsburgh…. would be shocked if i wasnt in a dallas uniform nxt year! The draft is april 28th so we will see…. To all the steelers fans i would love to be playing for the steelers and if i had a choice i would but it isnt my choice….2 hours ago via Twitter for Android Favorite | Retweet | ReplyMike PounceyMikePouncey"

Sounds like he had a good showing in Dallas and the front office there was impressed enough to give him the impression that they are very interested.  Dallas selects 9th, which would be the highest that Pouncey has been predicted to go – albeit that prediction comes from Pouncey himself.  But it appears as if he is a bit disappointed if that were to actually happen.  I don’t know a player in the draft that wouldn’t be happy holding up a Steelers jersey on April 28th.  But Mike has some extra incentive to be in Pittsburgh – brother Maurkice… or would it be that the Steelers were just in the Super Bowl and the Cowboys haven’t been there since 1996 and have no promising signs returning any time soon.  How about a little from Column A and a ton from Column B?

So NPC readers.  I’ve been talking up Pouncey since last month, with not much push back from you.  What are your thoughts?  Am I blowing smoke?  Should the Steelers go with a corner? In the interest of maintaining a strong offensive line should they go with a tackle?  What colors will Ben’s wedding have?  Speak, Nation. Speak!