Nothing Like Football


All I wanted when I sat down to watch the National Championship game the other night was a little excitement. Instead, I watched one of the most ugly games of basketball I’ve ever seen. Seriously, when I was playing in big tournaments in high school I was scoring 20 pts by myself. Granted, it’s a smaller stage, but give me a break. What did they have, 2 or 3 buckets inside the 3 point line the whole game?


Off season withdrawal has me drooling for action wherever I can find it. My heart races when I see James Harrison destroy Josh Cribbs. It’s like a drug. So when I tuned in to the Butler/UConn game, I was looking for some love. Unfortunately, the game was uber-lame, and the only thing that kept me going was the handful of Miller Lites that I brought up to my buddy’s apartment for the game.

Beer saves.

A few beers in and Butler’s woes were my delight. I found a way, if only temporarily, to satisfy my taste for blood. Funny too, ’cause I was actually rooting for Butler when I first started watching. I just wanted to see a good game. It wasn’t until near the end that I gave up all together and gave in to the sweet, sweet taste of ML.

Ah, football. It really is amazing that the writers at NPC can all find stuff to talk about every day of the week when the only real Steelers news has to do with Hines’ appearance on DWTS. Really, guys? Really? I know DWTS doesn’t satisfy your desire to see #92 crack some skulls. It sure doesn’t for me. Even though Ward does look awful puurty out there.

Call me crazy, but I just love watching football.

College basketball is fun ’cause they play hard, but the level of play is so bad that a team only scores 41 pts in the National Championship game. The NBA is fun when Kobe scores 9 million points in one game, or when LeBron hits a buzzer beater, but they don’t really play defense, and it’s not really basketball in it’s purest form, so it’s really not all that fun to watch. The WNBA is…well it’s just terrible.


I sat and watched the Texas Tech game on Sunday night whilst my wife and I were out eating with my brother-in-law and his girlfriend and I think I saw a game-stopping injury every 3 minutes (real time) for the hour that I was zoning in and out of the game. Honestly, it’s like the girls were just running as fast as they could and colliding head on over and over again. It got so bad I interrupted my brother-in-law and wife’s conversation to express my shock and awe. “Dude, are you guys seeing this?!”

To which my brother-in-law responded, “Yeah man, they’re just so bad.” Naturally, that had it’s ramifications being that his girlfriend and my wife are both superb athletes.

But was he wrong?

And baseball. Don’t even get me going on baseball. I was listening to an interview with ESPN radio host Phil Mackey the other day and he said that it’s football’s fault that people are slitting their wrists over the Twins losing the first couple of games during the season (I live in MN, I’m forced to listen to Twins jibber jabber). “People get in this football mentality. That’s the great thing about baseball, these losses really don’t matter at all.”

Well baseball fans, It’s just hard for me to care when….well…I’m not supposed to care.

But hey, how ’bout them Pirates?

What else is there? Soccer? Hockey? I don’t know, it just doesn’t do it for me. Football is the total package. It’s why this sport is America’s real pastime. The people love it. Pittsburgh fell in love with the Steelers long before they were winning Super Bowls. It’s the game. It’s the work, the struggle. It reminds us of our own lives.

And it’s irreplaceable.

Task: write an article about the Steelers when there is no news about football or the Steelers at all.


That is all.