Hines Ward DUI update


According to ESPN, they have obtained new information from Georgia police.  The report states that Ward was went through several field sobriety tests.  First, he tested positive with a hand held breath test that detected the presence of alcohol.  The report continues by saying that Ward swayed back and forth during the stop, became agitated and omitted and mixed up letters of the alphabet.  He also reportedly had bloodshot eyes.  The report also confirmed that he refused a breathalyzer test at the station.  There is video out there of the traffic stop, but the police will not release it because it is an ongoing case.

This does not look good for Ward.  Swaying, bloodshot eyes and mixing up letters could all be damning evidence of a DUI.  But, if he was tired enough from drinking and his BAC was under the legal limit, he could still have those symptoms.  Mix in a little bit of texting while driving, and Ward could just have been at the wrong place at the wrong time with this traffic stop.

Ward will not appear in court until October 6th.  I doubt the NFL will act on any disciplinary measures until enough information is out there.  They may even wait until after the court date.  So no worries Ray Rice, Ward will more than likely be on the field in Week 1.