Pittsburgh Steelers 2011 Free Agency

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There are lots of guys listed as Free Agents right now in Pittsburgh, and with the lockout coming to a end very quickly, it is likely that we will see a shit-storm of deals taking place over a very short period of time. Let’s take a look at the guys who are the more high profile Steelers, and talk about what their fate might be for the 2011 season. Each player will have his own page, starting with: 

1. RB Mewelde Moore

Moore is still shy of 30, but has slowed considerably as a back in the Black and Gold over the past three seasons. Should the Steelers decide to sign Moore, which there has been some talk of doing, it could cost them upwards of $2 million against the cap. Being that at this point every dollar is crucial for the Steelers, I have serious doubts as to whether Moore will be back with the Steelers.

If you have read my other posts, you already know that I am not a fan of Mewelde Moore. I realize that Tomlin really likes him, and knew him from his days in MN, but Moore just isn’t cutting it anymore. Redman has shown steady progress as a developing back, and there has even been talk of the Steelers signing an outsider to fill the third down roll such as Tiki Barber or even Reggie Bush. Obviously both of those guys are long-shots, but there’s been talk.

The other downside to signing Moore is his inability to block effectively for the run and in pass situations. If nothing else, the Steelers need to be thinking about keeping their $107 million quarterback healthy, and Moore just can’t do that. Ben scrambles and makes things happen, so he needs a back that can block in the most extreme situations.

Return in 2011: Not Likely