Pittsburgh Steelers 2011 Free Agency

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2. C Doug Legursky

Did you watch the Super Bowl? Then you watched Doug Legursky’s first ever NFL start under center. He did a fine job under center though he’s too small to be a real impact as a long-term starter. Where he is certainly no Pouncey, he still came in incredibly handy when Pouncey was injured during the AFC Championship game in 2011. He’s a down-and-dirty type player who I like quite a bit, and has a very good chance of returning.

Legursky was signed by the Steelers as an undrafted FA in 2008, which means if the Steelers offer him a contract, he must re-sign for another year. Legursky has showed that he can play in the highest of preassure situations, and even fill in as a guard or fullback when called upon to do so. His price is cheap coming in at $395,000, which means we will more than likely see Legursky back in the lineup as Pouncey’s backup in 2011.

Return in 2011: Very Likely