Pittsburgh Steelers 2011 Free Agency

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6. CB Ike Taylor

So, these next two are biggies. There is a lot going around about what will happen with Ike Taylor, what should happen with Ike Taylor, and what won’t happen with Ike Taylor, so I won’t bore you with too many details. Basically, Ike is a free agent in a market that is a little short at the Cornerback position. Face-Me Ike hasn’t shown the least bit of interest in staying in Pittsburgh and giving the “home-town discount,” so it is very likely that he will search for a big-money score, likely the only big money contract he’ll be able to get in the remainder of his career. I would not be surprised if the Steelers offered him something like $30 million over 3 years with loads of guaranteed money over the first couple, but whether he’ll take a deal like that is up for debate. There are good teams, such as the Eagles, that might be looking to add Taylor to their line up for a better price than the Steelers could give him. Maybe something like $40-50 million over 4 years.

I like Ike a lot, but I personally do not think he is worth that kind of money, and will likely be released by the Steelers as soon as another team comes running by with bells on. This creates issues for the Steelers, and if you’ve read my other posts, you know that I would prefer it if Ike stayed, but when you don’t even make an effort to stay loyal to the team that groomed you, I say good riddance.

Ike, I’ll miss you. You should know, you probably won’t win another Super Bowl if you leave. #swagin’

Return in 2011: Not Likely