Pittsburgh Steelers 2011 Free Agency

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 8. K Shaun Suisham and P Jeremy Kapinos

These two guys are in the same boat so I will cover them quickly. They both came in last season as band aids to existing problems. Suisham was called in after game 10 when the front office finally decided they’d had enough of Jeff Reed. He did an admirable job despite being known around the league as a choke artist. Though, he was a mere 3-5 in the playoffs. Kapinos came in after Sepulveda tore his ACL (again) and played the remainder of the season. Both Kapinos and Suisham both did OK jobs as fill ins, and will likely be back during training camp in order to fight for a job, but the likelihood that either of these guys will be back is slim.

Return in 2011: Not Likely

That’s it for the more well-known players on Free Agency. There are some others who I didn’t cover, and I am sure that we’ll know what happens with all of these guys nearly as soon as the players vote and a deal is made. That is, if the players choose to approve the deal that was given so much hype last night. Willy Gay even tweeted that the players should vote via Twitter since they’re all on there anyways. Not such a bad idea. Let’s get this thing done and play some football!