Steelers Camp Day 1: Players react to Plaxico Burress rumors and Matt Spaeth signs with Bears


Training camp is in starting to get into full swing.  As I write this, James Walker (who is in Latrobe today) reports that the Steelers are gearing up for the first set of conditioning drills.  Kinda gives me butterflies in my stomach.  Before camp started two more players, Max Starks and ARE became the latest cap casualties.  And now, Matt Spaeth signed with the Bears.  I’m sad to see him go because I thought he was a very solid #2 TE.  Good hands.

I think our own Adam is right when he thinks that there is enough room now for Colon and Woodley.  Burress news after the break.

Interestingly enough, Ward, Harrison and Mendy have yet to show.  Most of the questions coming from reporters are about the possible addition of Plaxico Burress to the roster.  Guys like Emmanuel Sanders and Mike Wallace are ‘down with it’ and ‘welcome him with open arms.’  Well it’s nice to know that he will have support from what would be his fellow receiving core.  I wonder how Hines would feel about his former teammate coming back?  He experienced those days of lax attempts at catching the ball.  Would he be as welcoming?  Do Sanders and Wallace realize that Plax – though a threat in the open field to opposing teams – would also be a threat to their own individual stats during the season?  This could also just be a ruse by the Steelers and Plax to stir up some controversy so that a team puts out a really big offer.  I expect Plax to land somewhere by tomorrow.  Where that will be is pretty open still.

What will day 2 hold?  Stay tuned.