The Morning Cup: Steelers News & Notes – Max Starks, gone.



This comes as a surprise and then not so much a surprise when you think about it.  Starks missed the last nine games of the season – that’s one game over half of your season.  Flozell Adams stepped in a did pretty well.  And let’s be honest, when someone says ‘pretty well’ about the Steelers’ offensive line performance, that assessment is pretty relative.  Starks wasn’t going to make a huge impact to the line as the Steelers had a poorly ranked line last year – which Starks was a part of.  So why fork out the over $5 million he is to get this year if he is not going to vastly improve protecting Big Ben.  Yeah, not so much a surprise…. unless you are James Walker.  Walker did confirm in a tweet just before posting this that the Steelers are in talks with Willie Colon.

I love the first part of this article and how riled up Gerry Dulac gets about Tomlin not winning 2010 Coach of the Year.  After going through all the off season bull crap last year, winning your division and going to the Super Bowl and not one stinkin’ vote.  Mike McCarthy didn’t even win – and his team was so injury plagued the Green Bay hospital was going to have a wing dedicated just to them.  Belichick won, and if that doesn’t get your blood boiling you may want to check and see if even have a pulse.  Tomlin will have his hands full again this training camp and will have many questions to answer regarding players’ actions during the extended off season.  Plus he will have to overcome a crazy free agency period and deal with whatever team is on the other side of the $10 million dollar cap filter.  Think he’ll get a vote this year if the Men of Steel win SB 46?

There will be enough food in Latrobe to feed a battalion of men…. ok so there will be starting today.  Just look at that list of food and the quantities.  Crazy.  What’s cool about all this food is that 60% is locally grown.  I’m a big advocate when it comes to organic and sustaining locally grown food.  So kudos for the Steelers and St. Vincent dining services for that.