The Morning Cup of Black & Gold: Plaxico Has Breakfast with Tomlin


Soon the Burress saga will either come to a close or will be just beginning.  Burress met with Tomlin for some breakfast this morning and it wasn’t just for the good camp breakfast.  I don’t know how this will pan out for either side.  Most of the players feel that he would be an added bonus to the team’s receiving core.  Coaches are pretty mum on the subject.  And, fans are on the fence.  I guess I’m just focusing on the past too much – I remember the Plaxico days and the too oft lax play on the field.  I also see this as a threat to quell the running game even more.  And, I also see this as being an overwhelming option for Big Ben – who becomes his go to guy?  I hope that Tomlin and Bruce are very methodical and calculated if and when they use Burress on the field.

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Polamalu (justified or not) blames himself and his nagging injuries for the Super Bowl loss against the Packers.  We in Steelers Nation could all tell that was the case.  Not sure why it’s taken this long to admit that injuries hindered his play – he was asked several times in the offseason and he said he was very close to 100% by the Super Bowl.  Turns out those injuries are still plaguing him as he says,

"I’m not 100 percent yet.  But I’m inching in on it. Sometimes, when something doesn’t require surgery, it actually takes a lot longer to heal. So, the lockout helped my injury. I didn’t have to push too fast."

It’s likely that Polamalu won’t suit up until later in the pre-season.

Quite honestly, I don’t care when Ward comes back during this pre-season if at all.  As long as he is there for Week 1 to be a thorn in Ed Reed’s side and the rest of those Ratbirds, then that’s all I care about.