The Morning Cup of Black & Gold: Steelers FO Updates


As of yesterday afternoon, the Steelers were still reportedly over the cap by $11.5 million.  By August 4th (oh crap that’s today) the team needs to be under the cap.  I’m a little fuzzy on the numbers, but I don’t get how the Steelers are over by that much after letting some players go and releasing others.  PFT obtained the contract details of Ike Taylor (click the link above).  His deal gets him $28 million over 4 years – averaging $7 mil per year.  That’s not a big bonus from his last contract, and he is making at least one million less than the 4 other top tiered CB’s that were in FA.  If Taylor was in FA last year, I think he would make more, but this was a tough year by having that many corners on the market.  I think Taylor got his true worth because of this saturation.  Good for him and good for the Steelers.  But I guess the Steelers still have quite a bit of work to do to get under the cap.

The Steelers have started contract negotiations with LaMarr Woodley, and as far as Woodley as concerned they’re ‘not even close.’  Well you have to start somewhere, and the Steelers are more than likely forced to try and work a long term deal out with Woodley before the CBA gets ratified.  He counts as $10 mil. towards the cap.  As the article suggests, the Steelers should go long term with him and spread that 10 mil. out as a signing bonus over the life of the contract.  Will they be able to reach a deal prior to ratification?  Seems unlikely given that Woodley isn’t happy with what’s been offered so far.  But if they can’t get Woodley to sign, then the Steelers will need to get out the cap hatchet.

UPDATE: Ed B reports this morning that the players will be voting on the CBA by 1pm.

Ike Taylor, William Gay, Willie Colon, Jonathan Scott, Mewelde Moore, Chris Hoke, Dennis Dixon, John Gilmore, Tony Hills, Doug Legursky, Ryan Mundy, Shaun Suisham, Daniel Sepulveda, Jeremy Kapinos and Greg Warren.  That is the list of players from the Steelers roster who cannot practice until the CBA is ratified.  Even though the lockout has ended you might say that it continues for any free agent who has signed a contract over the past 10 days.  As we all have been hearing, the biggest sticking points right now is Commish Goodell’s personal conduct power and the concussion debate.  I think the concussions will be the easy part, but Goodell’s unilateral power on dishing out personal conduct punishments is a big contention with players.  They want a 3rd party system – not necessarily removing Goodell completely, but something that players feel confident that isn’t just a rubber stamp from the NFL.  This is a sticky issue, and I’m not sure when the players will be happy enough to ratify.  I do, however, think that the owners and players should share the same interest in this matter.  After all, a four game suspension handed down from Goodell effects not only the player but the owner’s team as well.