Steelers MMQB: NFL Preseason Week 1 Wrap Up

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Cincinnati looked like the whole team wished they could have retired along with Carson Palmer. Cleveland took down Green Bay in their first preseason game, but all the football experts on the World Wide Leader still can’t stop talking about how awesome Aaron Rogers is for some reason. Tebow made some mistakes and some good passes, which makes Orton want to trip him in the locker room and just end this drama for the season.  Orton didn’t play that great either but was definitely caught off guard when he looked into the stands and saw that even his mom was wearing a Tebow #15 jersey.

The Steelers opened their preseason in Washington and it was great to see the black and gold take the field. It was not so great to see the offensive line collapse like a foldable tent in a rain storm.  Equally not great was seeing Ike Taylor on the sidelines with a cast on his thumb.  The two biggest concerns coming into this season; the offensive line and the defensive backs, are still the two biggest concerns after the first preseason game. Chris Kemoeatu was activated off the PUP list yesterday and hopefully that will be a positive for the line this week at home against the Eagles.  The Steelers looked far less prepared than the Redskins, which we’re all sure will be taken out on them by Tomlin this week in practice.  Don’t get too worried, though, this is not even slightly an indication of how dominant the Steelers can be again this year.

This week the Steelers get national TV for their second game at home against the new look Eagles.  The second preseason game will likely have the starters playing the same amount of time, so don’t get too stressed about the play. There are 37 players that need playing time to see if they will be signed to the practice squad or heading out to try out for any other team.  Enjoy the chips and salsa but know that the enchilada platter is now just less than a month away.