Steelers MMQB: NFL Preseason Week 2 Wrap Up

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As far as the whole QB controversy in Denver, aside from the fact that it involves arguable the most popular back-up quarterback ever, who friggin cares?  Does anyone think that Denver is going to amount to much this year with Orton, Tebow, or Quinn under center?  The only thing they were actively competing for last season was their position in the draft.  I’m not seeing a whole lot of reasons to think that this year is going to be any different.

Reggie Bush played his first preseason game with the Dolphins and looked pretty good in the offense that usually doesn’t look very good.  Not a whole lot is expected from the Dolphins this season with Henne, Sporano, and Jeff Ireland pretty much on their last chances, so any sign of brightness comes as a victory so far.  In my opinion, the Dolphins could benefit greatly by picking up Terrelle Pryor in the Supplemental Draft today.  He could work off of Bush in some wildcat formations and is probably a better QB prospect down the road than Henne is.

With all the talk of the “Dream Team” in Philadelphia because of their off-season aquisitios, the team hardly played dreamy against the Steelers, with Vick getting picked off 3 times and Young once.  The Steelers looked all around solid with Ben throwing touchdown passes to Antionio Brown and Hines Ward.  Charlie Batch did not play at all in the game and Tomlin has yet to show his hand as far as what the depth chart behind Ben is going to look like.  As it stands, the first deadline of roster cuts will come on September 3rd.  The Steelers will have their 3rd preseason game this Saturday at home against Atlanta, the game of the preseason where the starters traditionally play the most minutes.  We should get a clearer picture of who will end up on the 53 man roster after Saturday’s game.