NPC’s 2011 Fantasy Draft Guide: Wide Receivers

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Depending on how your league scores, you might be searching for the best wide receiver as your #1 pick.  You want a wide receiver that catches a lot, and often, and scores a whole lot too if you want to beat that nerdy guy in your office.  The tricky part is the best fantasy wide receiver isn’t always on the best team.  He racks up the yards and TD’s because he’s the premier #1 option on his team, or because he plays on a crappy team that is constantly trying to come from behind so the team has no option for a running game.  Either way, you need to win this year to justify how much time and money you’ve spent on your fantasy leagues over time and I’m here to help.

10.  DeSean Jackson PHI (Bye Week 7)

Jackson averaged a league high 22.5 yards per reception last year in an offense that wasn’t even tailored to Vick at QB to begin with.  If you’re looking for a wide receiver that makes some splash plays, this is your guy.  His downside would be that he caught only 6 touchdowns last year, and also missed 2 games with a concussion.  Look for Vick to go to Jackson on a more consistent basis this year and for your fantasy team to reap the rewards.

9.  Vincent Jackson SD (Bye Week 6)

Of course I think Philip Rivers is lower on the quarterback totem pole than Ben Roethilsberger, but I never said that the Chargers couldn’t put up some good fantasy numbers.  In fact, that’s about all they are consistently good for.  Jabs aside, Rivers will most likely pass for another 4,000+ yards this season and with Jackson there for all 16 games, he’ll get most of the catches.  Jackson averaged 17.7 yards a catch last year with all of his 3 touchdowns in one Thursday night game.  Rivers loves to throw those deep balls and Jackson has incredible speed to get downfield.

8.  Reggie Wayne IND (Bye Week 11)

I almost don’t want to put Reggie Wayne in the top ten considering the possibility of Peyton Manning missing games due to his neck injury, but Manning actually missing games is not an option anyone is willing to seriously contemplate at this point.  Wayne racked up 1,355 reception yards last season but his numbers are onthe way down since Peyton has other targets.  Wayne is still a solid fantasy pick, just not as high on the list as he usually has been.

7.  Greg Jennings GB (Bye Week 8)

Jennings numbers in 2010 were among the top wideouts in yards after the catch.  In total, Jennings accounted for 1,265 reception yards last year and 12 touchdowns.  With Donald Driver no longer the favorite target in Green Bay, Jennings numbers should certainly keep rising.  Jennings is a valuable fantasy wide receiver because he combines yards with touchdowns, which equals points and wins for you.