NPC’s 2011 Fantasy Draft Guide: Wide Receivers

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Just for funzies you could always go with Santonio Homes or Plaxico Burress, but I wouldn’t take a first round pick on either.  Also notable in the top 15 are Dez Bryant, Miles Austin, Wes Welker, and Brandon Marshall.  Not even the fantasy experts are expecting Ochocinco to have a Randy Moss-like season in New England this year, so if you’d like to give up your pick for him thinking he might, have another beer and think about it somemore.

I usually went under the guidelines of no Browns, Bengals, or Ravens players on my fantasy team regardless of how any of the players were ranked.  What you do on your team is between you and your conscience.  I certainly wouldn’t be comfortable standing up to cheer Boldin catching a touchdown pass from Flacco no matter who they were playing against especially with the Steelers gnome glaring down at me, but hey that’s just me.  So be careful and always remember to mock draft before you draft, and check back here for more position rankings.

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