Usual Hype of Patriots is Bogus


Before I utter another word, let me recognize the fact that I am setting myself up for a lot of crap (especially from Pats fans) because the Patriots have had the Steelers’ number for quite some time now.  We’ve had our way with the Ravens for quite some time now – it’s hard to see the shoe on the other foot.  But enough is enough about locking these guys in on being AFC Champion favorites every year.

Earlier this week rankings were given out as to who is favored to win what.  And once again, the Patriots are at the top of the heap.  And now more garbage is being put out there in the way of pundits puffing up that status of the Patriots ‘readiness’ to kick the crap out of anyone and everyone.  Dan Shaughnessy from writes a crap riddled article that is on the verge of blatant bias.

"The book on the Pats last year was that they were soft defensively. They were woeful on third down and couldn’t mount any kind of a pass rush. Sure, they went 14-2 during the regular season, but the Jets attacked Tom Brady and beat the Pats in Foxborough in the playoffs."

Seriously, you are saying that a 14-2 season was a half assed played season?  Doubtful.  No team plays softly.  The majority of NFL starters play to their fullest potential every game.  That’s what they are paid to do.  You can’t tell me that the team is so damn talented that playing soft on defense still got you to 14-2.  It’s a lame excuse to deflect some of the pain of losing to Sexy Rexy  in the playoffs.

The other problem with Shaughnessy’s article is it does not put current situations into his Patriot dominated league.  Something that is completely on Steelers Nation’s radar is the sexual assault charge on Albert Haynesworth.  Haynesworth pleaded no contest so that he would face lesser charges and penalties.  That S.O.B. better get at least 5 or more games.  Big Ben was never even charged of a crime yet and was suspended for four games.  Haynesworth admitted guilt – past practice should be the guy is gone for almost half the season.  That would seem to put a damper on the beefed-up defensive line Shaughnessy keeps touting about.  And Mayo looks ready for a breakout…. how so – because he had a couple of sacks against the Bucs?  The same Bucs who have a small and crappy O-Line?  Getting excited over that would be like me getting exited that Keenan Lewis had an INT against Philly.

The Pats are always contenders.  No doubt about it.  But even the Philly’s have proven that offseason acquisitions mean nothing until you start playing real games and getting real results.  The Steelers won the AFC Championship last season and the Pats did not.  Hoodie can take his 2010 ‘Choked in the Playoffs But Still Won Coach of the Year’ and caress it all he wants.  The fact is the Pats haven’t won a playoff game in almost 5 years.  5.  Or is it just that the Pats play soft in the postseason?  You can put the Pats at #1 all  you want – but don’t puff up and try and convince anyone that Hoodie, Pretty Boy Brady and their minions are done ‘screwing around’ (thank you random NFC executive after the romp of the Bucs).

I hope the Steelers take all the bogus hype and shove it right down their coddled little throats come Week 8.