The Steelers’ Revolving Door at RG, Who Steps Up in 2011?

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So who do I think will be the starting Right Guard in 2011?  Honestly, I know it’s a total cop out, but I’ve got no idea at this point.  I’ve narrowed the race down to these four average/below average guys, but I still can’t come up with a clear choice yet.  I find this situation akin to having to judge a beauty contest between girls that are between 3’s-5’s.  Nothing really special or outstanding whatsoever qualifies any of the candidates as a winner.  Nonetheless, you are still looking for somebody to emerge from the pack and crown them champion because it inevitably has to happen (a.k.a. you can’t go out of the field as an Offense without a Right Guard).  So, the Steelers are forced to make a decision.  They could either go with the experienced pageant vet. (Essex), last year’s default champion that did nothing to retain her crown (Foster), the girl that was favored but screwed up the talent portion and may have destroyed her chances of winning (Scott), or the mystery girl that could take everybody by surprise because she wore her hair different that day or may have shown a bit more cleavage at the most opportune time (Hills).

Nevertheless, I am intrigued to see what Hills can do over the course of an entire half at RG, because he did look sharp against Philly.  I’m also awaiting the coaches decision on whether or not they will even play Essex back at his old starting spot.  Most of all, I’m curious to see if Chris Scott and Ramon Foster can come up with some consistent play in the final two preseason games.  And if they do indeed chip in some consistent play, will it be enough to keep them in the mix?  This positional battle should come right down to the wire, and the losers may not only be out of a starting job, but may be out of a roster spot as well.  I’m just crossing my fingers that everything works out and somebody emerges out of this situation!  Please comment on who you think should start, as well as comment and criticize all you want.

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