NPC’s 2011 Fantasy Draft Guide: Quarterbacks

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Philip Rivers – Rivers was my QB last year. He managed some pretty stellar numbers, but one week he was hurt in like the 1st play of the game and out for the rest. I think I mustered 2 points out of him that week, and then had to play Big Ben (not so great in fantasy) the next week. But enough about me. We all moan about how Rivers isn’t as good as Ben because he can’t win in the Playoffs and so on, but fortunately for Fantasy fans, you don’t have to be a winner to be great. Rivers is an awesome QB to have all around. He’ll get you those big numbers like Brady and Manning, they just won’t be quite as big. Rivers likely won’t throw as many touchdowns since the rushing attack for the chargers is so solid. So, I’d say nab Rivers if you see these other guys (manning, brady, rodgers) go ahead of him. Rivers finished 2010 with 4710 yards (most in the NFL) and 30 TDs. Hell of a statistical year.

Drew Brees – Who dat? I mean really, who is Drew Brees? Haven’t seen much from him lately in ways of playoff wins. Not since they won the Super Bowl a couple of years ago. That probably won’t affect Brees’ numbers though. Brees is set for another big year with a big wide out core and some pressure will be lifted from the pass by newly drafted rookie Mark Ingram. Don’t use the same logic when drafting a WR on the Saints. Brees spreads that ball around. He’s sure to be another solid pick. Will easily go in the first round. Brees finished 2010 with 4620 yards and 33 TDs, but he also threw 22 INTs, a pretty staggering number.

Aaron Rodgers – It hurts me to put GB Packers QB Aaron Rodgers on this list, but his numbers are undeniable. Rodgers will yield big numbers in the air and some on the ground this year as well. He’s always good for a slew of TDs each game, and will likely rush for a couple here and there on the season as well. He’ll put up big yardage numbers, but I have one concern with him: injury. Rodgers’ offensive line rivals Big Ben’s offensive line for being notoriously terrible. Rodgers spent more time on the ground last year than David Hasselhoff! Wait…that’s not right…it’s sand. He spends more time in the sand. But that doesn’t work. Whatever. My point is, Rodgers is likely to suffer an injury at some point. Longevity is something he still has to prove. He had one great year. We’ll see about another. (yes, that’s a little bias talking). Rodgers has averaged about 4000 yards per season for the last three years, and hovered around 29 TDs per year.