Leftwich Goes Down, Charlie Batch Catches (Another) “Break” in Steelers’ Win over Falcons


Yeah, I’m pretty proud of myself with that title. So many puns and other literal devices. Genius.

So, last night Charlie caught a break when Leftwich broke his arm against the Atlanta Falcons. I would obviously never wish harm to anyone, but I have to say “I told you so.”

Regardless of the fact that I believe Charlie should have won the #2 spot anyway, Batch now gets bumped up in the rotation and is guaranteed (barring any unforeseen) a spot on the roster. Byron continues his one year on, one year off routine where he plays until he gets placed on IR. Byron has struggled with injury since all the way back to his days with the Jaguars, and I mentioned earlier this month that Byron’s 2008 performance with the Steelers was an anomaly and is not likely to be repeated. Click the link if you’d like a detailed account of Byron’s injury history, stats and more.

Tomlin has said that he believes Byron will be out for an extended period of time, which means IR is likely the next place for Leftwich.

I’ll just finish with this: You have to be mobile, or you have to be able to take a beating with an offensive line like ours. Byron is not capable of any of those things, and has a very slow release to boot. I hope that Leftwich heals quickly and without complication, but it is time that the Steelers let this guy walk for good. Here’s to hoping Big Ben lives forever…