It's been spreading around quickly that LaMarr Woodley is featured on Sports Illustrated..."/> It's been spreading around quickly that LaMarr Woodley is featured on Sports Illustrated..."/>

LaMarr Woodley Graces Cover of SI but Ravens Favored to Win AFCN


It’s been spreading around quickly that LaMarr Woodley is featured on Sports Illustrated’s September cover for SI’s NFL Preview.  As well he should be.  LaMarr is THE up and coming LB in the NFL.  He continues to improve from season to season and just signed a nice six year deal worth over $60 million.  LaMarr had 50 tackles, 10 sacks (only James Harrison had more with 10.5), 3 forced fumbles, and 2 INT’s (one returned for a TD).  He works the outside like he owns it.  The duo of Harrison and Woodley leaves no outside safe for any offense.  Congrats on the cover, Lamarr.  Too bad Don Banks feels differently about the team.

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Don Banks, in a James Walker fashion, uses witch craft and astrology to predict who will win the AFC North division this season.  I am of the ol’ adage that predictions mean shit, and that’s why these guys suit up and play the game.  But for the sake of argument and to deflect such nonsense from jagoffs who keep picking the Ravens to win the division year in and year out, let me put Donny boy in his place.

"…the Ravens don’t seem to get a ton of respect for their accomplishments. But we know why. Baltimore can’t beat Pittsburgh when it really counts, losing to the Steelers in the playoffs twice in the past three Januarys. This is the year I think the Ravens finally get over their Pittsburgh problem, win the division, and see what a home playoff game feels like."

Ok fine.  If that prediction is based on fact and trends from the offseason, preseason and regular season then I can accept that argument.  I may not agree due to my loyalty to Steelers Nation, but I can at least respect the conclusion you’ve come to and then wish you “good day sir.”  But to say ‘I think’ or ‘I feel’ this is their year holds about as much water as someone saying ‘This is the year the Buccos break up the losing season streak.  I can FEEL IT!”  Or a Browns fan saying the Browns will take the division – verge of insanity.  It’s a problem especially when you just acknowledged the main reason WHY the Ravens suffer the post season blues the way they do one sentence before.  They can’t beat Pittsburgh when it counts.  Now, I feel that every game counts – but in terms of a put up or go home game like in the playoffs, the Ravens knife themselves with a shiv every time.  To top things off Banks even mentions Super Bowl – that conclusion he is uncertain with… again why this is so – only his bowl of fish bones, blood and Joe Buck’s left eye know the secrets.

I love the rivalry of these teams.  And I love watching these two teams beat the crap out of each other.  And it boils my blood when the Ravens come out victorious.  I know what’s coming after that and Ravens fans tend to win about as gracefully as they loose.  And this is why predictions are terrible – they are biased, and I would much rather live in the moment of what’s going on during the season than worrying about someone being right with their predictions.  And yes, I would be saying the same thing were Banks to say the Steelers were to take the division…. I may just choose not to bitch about it on a blog.

So with only one week of this preseason garbage left – let’s all refrain from talking about the end of the season and let’s start with talking about the beginning.  Week 1 is right around the corner and oh look the Steelers play the Ravens.  Wonder how Banks will feel when the Steelers beat the Ravens 28-10.  Or was that too much of a prediction?