Mike Vick: Worth $100 million?

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So in football terms, is Vick deserving of this kind of contract?  To Philly he is.  The Eagles wanted to lock him down now before he became too expensive in the off-season now that they’ve made him their starting quarterback and sent away Kolb. The Eagles may have gone on a wild free agent spending spree this year, but they’ve put most of their eggs in Vick’s basket.  Their success depends largely on him.  And while no one can argue that Vick is an outstanding athlete, an elite quarterback is not something anyone would describe him as.  Vick has just 2 playoff wins under his belt, and although he’s capable of putting up amazing performances, he hasn’t been a steady starter in his career either.

It remains to be seen whether or not the Eagles can live up to the hype, or if Vick will live up to this contract.  If Vick stays injury-free, and continues to develop as a pocket passer to add to his abilities running with the ball, there’s no telling where he can take the Eagles.  Steeler fans, on the other hand rarely have to wonder about the validity of these kinds of high-priced contracts.  With an organization that is highly respected and always in contention for a Super Bowl, the Steelers have handled contract negotiations and re-signings with class and fairness.  In 2005 Hines Ward held out of training camp for 15 days in the hopes of earning a long-term contract that would give him the opportunity to retire as a Steeler.  The ensuing season, Ward was named Super Bowl MVP as the Steelers claimed their 5th Lombardi Trophy against Seattle in Super Bowl XL.  Since then, every contract the Steelers have signed can easily be justified with the players’ history and potential.  Just last week, LB Lawrence Timmons’ service was rewarded with a 6 year, $50 million contract that was regarded as totally worthy and not questioned in the slightest.  If Vick plays to his expectations and leads the Eagles to a Super Bowl, his contract just might be justified.  That’s the gamble the Eagles are willing to take.

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