NFL 2011-12 Season Predictions: Kimmy’s Picks

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AFC West:  Last season, this division was shook up with the mediocre play of San Diego, the surprising good play of Kansas City, and somehow through all of that Oakland managed to sweep the division.

Denver Broncos: 4-12 Everyone spending so much time talking up Kyle Orton over Tim Tebow is forgetting that the Broncos don’t have a whole lot going for them right now.  That, along with a new head coach, doesn’t inspire me to pick them in a whole lot of games.

Kansas City Chiefs: 5-11 The Chiefs won this division last year and earned a home playoff game where they got spanked by the Ravens.  I realize this is a big drop off in wins, but looking at their schedule I just don’t think they can make it happen again this year.

San Diego Chargers: 13-3 Division Winner I’m going out on a limb and predicting the Chargers end their streak of starting extremely slow and actually put together an impressive regular season.  What that means for them in the post season will depend on their allegedly “elite” quarterback.  I have a feeling if the Chargers don’t achieve a whole lot this season, Norv Turner might be sent his walking papers.

AFC South:  This division could not be more wide open with the injury to Peyton Manning.

Houston Texans:  11-5  Division Winner The injury to Peyton and Jacksonville apparently throwing in the towel before the season beginning means that the Texans have everything set for them to make the playoffs for the first time in their franchise history.

Indianapolis Colts: 10-6 The Colts offense is designed for Peyton Manning.  He’s basically their offensive coordinator as well as quarterback.  Kerry  Collins was sitting on his couch retired a month ago.  Peyton will eventually come back this season, but not soon enough to ensure a playoff spot for the Colts.

Jacksonville Jaguars: 2-14 Do they have Jaguars in Los Angeles?  They might soon.  Handing David Gararrd the boot after the team’s kick-off luncheon was pretty cold-hearted.  The ownership coming out saying that Jack Del Rio must take this team to the playoffs this season to keep his job is hilarious.

Tennessee Titans: 7-9 A new coach, a new quarterback, and a running back that’s coming off a hold-out means under .500 for the Titans.

AFC East: Another season and everyone is already sick of Rex Ryan’s smack talk, and the Patriots are still the favorites to win everything no matter how long it’s been since their last playoff victory.

Buffalo Bills: 2-14 The Bills were an awful team last year and don’t look too much better this year.

Miami Dolphins: 6-10 The head coach was disrespected in the offseason as ownership went after Harbaugh while Sporano was still employed, then pretended they wanted Sporano all along.  Henne got booed in training camp as the fans wanted Orton instead of Henne.  Reggie Bush and Brandon Marshall could spark the offense, but it probably won’t be enough.

New England Patriots: 14-2 Division Winner I know, I’m picking them to win 14 games just like everyone else.  Over the past few seasons, the Patriots have shown that regular season wins are no problem for them, but 2 years in a row losing their first playoff game at home doesn’t give them a lock to Indianapolis this year in my book.

NY Jets: 12-4 Wild Card I still don’t think the Jets can take the division from the Patriots, but they have all the components to make another playoff run.

AFC North:  Should be no surprises here.  This division is for Pittsburgh and Baltimore to battle it out.

Baltimore Ravens: 11-5 Wild Card With a relatively new receiving corps and a shaken up offensive line, the Ravens have enough for a playoff run, but not enough to get past the Steelers for the division crown.

Cleveland Browns: 7-9 7-9 is a good record for the Browns.  Colt McCoy will keep improving, but the Browns aren’t worrying anybody this year.

Cincinnati Bengals: 1-15 I’ll throw them a bone and say they win one game this year.  It won’t be a shock to anybody if they go 0-16 though.

Pittsburgh Steelers: 15-1 Division Winner I’m a homer, I’ll admit it.  I’m not quite sure the Steelers can get the monkey off of their backs and beat the Patriots yet, which kills me to concede, but this team is set up to have an awesome season.

NFC Playoffs: I’ll take the Saints over the Cowboys and the Eagles over the Cardinals for Wild Card weekend.  I’m taking the Packers, though over the Saints in the divisional round as well as the Falcons over the Eagles.  In the NFC Championship game, I’m taking the Falcons to knock off the Packers at home and earn a trip to Indy.

AFC Playoffs: I’m going to keep riding high on the Texans and say that they’ll win their first ever playoff game at home against the Ravens and the Chargers will knock the Jets out early in Wild Card weekend.  In the divisional round, The Texans won’t have enough to get past the Steelers at Heinz Field and the Patriots will end the Chargers hopes for a Super Bowl run.  I’m going to say that while the Steelers will fall to the Patriots in the regular season, they finally get past them in the most important game of all, the AFC Championship.

Super Bowl XLVI: Can anybody guess who I’m going to pick?  Might be wishful thinking, might be me just being a homer but I don’t have a doubt in my mind that the Steelers are going back to the Super Bowl this year and are coming home with the Lombardi Trophy.  It would be a cold day in hell before I’d pick any other team than the Steelers to take the division.  And I would never pick any other team to win the Super Bowl over the Steelers until there are 2 other teams playing for it.

Well, there you have it. My bold and shocking predictions for the NFL season. Go ahead and take these picks to Vegas, or maybe just your office pool and run with them. Spoiler Alert!  I basically just told you everything that is going to happen this season, and of course all of my picks will be 100% correct.  Let’s go ahead and watch the season anyway, shall we?  It’s great to have footbal back!  Go Steelers!

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